Pink Floyd Echos and 2001 Space Odyssey Sync
  • DMTisESP June 2014
    I saw years back a sync people were creating from Echo's and 2001 Space Odyssey, but Youtube had deleted them, so I created my own as I am on Vacation and Decompressing and I find Pink Floyd is like a Spiritual Escape and helps me to relax.

    Roger what is the reason why Youtube keeps banning this type of video where people Sync 2001 Space Odyssey and Echo's? 

    Also the Sync is too good to be true so my final question is, was Echo's Suppose to be in 2001 but some Legal Crap got in the way and stopped it?  Or is this a COSMIC FLUKE?

  • echoes for me was and still an escape to....outside which is in fact inside.


    the journey keeps on going to.......
    stray dog knows very well.....

    and me, i am not me anymore though i am more me than ever i supposed to be nothing like an

    ECHOE from someone else
  • ever heard about subtle?
  • DMTisESP July 2014
    Subtle?  What is that?  and I am not me anymore either :(
  • it´s about the material itself. there is no correct word for it in your language but i try to describe:

    there is the gross material, the 4 % of 100 on the one side in which the human perspectivity takes place (  reality = illusion) and on the other one there is the subtle material or dark material( illusion = realtity).
  • DMTisESP July 2014
    SOOOOOO Deep!  I agree,Life is a real dream and death is a dream that is real...or is it the other way around Waveproject?  Stray Dog I MISS U!

    Oh and Pink Floyd is like a Religion to me :)  Sorry Roger I know how much u despise the Fanatics in Religion but If I had a word for Floyd it would be God Like :)

    I LOVE YOU Waveproject!  I am going off line for a week or a month or several months.  Always Remember Jesus Christ (Me) Loves You wave'ster You are Positive Power and all that is good about this species.  Please Be Well :) 

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