Radio Kaos DVD?
  • DanyulUk August 2011
    My father (like many others) raised me on Pink Floyd and Roger Waters, and 28 years later I'm still enjoying the music as if it was released only yesterday.  I was on youtube an hour back looking for some Radio Kaos live videos and I came across the actual short film for Radio Kaos (which I had never seen before or even knew it existed).  What will it take to get this album re-released with a DVD with the film on it?  I know it was re-released (the album) back in 2003, but here's hoping it will happen.
    How many signatures do you want Roger cause trust me I'll get them!
  • balysticmystic September 2011
    I have always wished for the same thing regarding "The Final Cut" videos as well. Perhaps a DVD with all the music videos, because they are all rare, and as far as I know most have never been released, other than on MTV or whatever.
  • Martyrnomore October 2011
    I've never seen it, but have wanted too.  I had a copy of The Final Cut, but it was messed up.  I had found a copy on ebay years ago.  I thought it was an original, but it was just a copy of the movie.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope October 2011
    oooh, can you post the link to that? :) xxxx
  • Martyrnomore October 2011
    If I still had it, I would.  It got lost during a move years ago.
  • 506am506am October 2011
    I bought the Radio KAOS VHS tape when it was released in 1987. It was rather short... had 4 songs if memory serves, they were videos of the songs Radio Waves, Sunset Strip, Four Minutes and The Tide Is Turning. I saw this tour in St Louis on 4 September 1987 and was just blown away.

    I echo the sentiments of those wishing this would be released w/ a concert DVD, because the concert was just mesmerizing. Roger also recorded some songs that sadly didn't make the album, though they really should have.

    I have a "bootleg" titled: Complete KAOS which has these songs added in... the track Get Back To Radio is brilliant. In concert he played Molly's Song which I don't believe was recorded in the studio, but was another great track that helped tell "Billy's" story.

    It would be wonderful if he were to put out the album I believe he initially intended on releasing as well as a DVD of the concert.
  • kissfreakmike December 2011
    Can I buy a copy of the DVD!!!Bootleg

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