• Hi Patrick, do you want the two dvds? These are excellent quality..I mean like hd...if you do send me a message with your address to my email. taulbert44@gmail.com...this is free.
    September 2012
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    February 2012
  • Rock if it is not too much of a problem look and see if there is a shot glass available with your homeland markings of some type if so and you can buy it I will send you the money for it and the postage. Thanks I collect shot glasses.
    February 2012
  • My first three shows were Yes with Natural Gas, Eagles with Souther and Led Zepplin by themselves. Hey do have a copy of the current Wall show on dvd by I shoot??
    February 2012
  • Hello. I was wondering if I could get the address to Rogers London agency. Thanks
    January 2012
  • So are you set for tickets?
    November 2011
  • Hi There young lady, I am fairly new to this forum but actually have been a member of this site for a couple years now. I have not went back and read your posts so forgive me if I ask a question that is answered some where in your previous posts. Did you see any of the shows on the first leg of this tour? I saw three 2 in Chicago and one in St Louis, so far on this tour I have purchased for Indianapolis where I live about 70 miles north of. My question is for a reason which I will get to in the next part of this rambling...Have you seen the DVD of this show? Let me know...How old are you? You look to young to have been a Floyd fan from the old days such as me. sorry maybe I should not have asked your age. So in fairness and for the purpose of full disclosure, I am 52 and married. My wife and I went to the two in Chicago. The real reason I am sending you this is The DVD..so let me know if you have seen it, it is incredible.
    November 2011
    • jcare
      Hello Kelly, Sorry I did not respond sooner but I did not see your post..Yes, I did See The Wall last November in NYC, I am about 15-20 minutes outside of the city. Let's just say I am old enough..lol..but thank you for not noticing..I have not see any DVD's but would love for one to be released..I purchased presale tickets for Connecticut and plan on seeing him again in NY..Can't wait!
      November 2011
    • kellycampbell
      Hello, Sorry I should never ask about the age, anyway if yoou are interested in getting a dvd from the first leg email me at taulbert44@gmail.com
      November 2011
    • grungdoommetall
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      I think any time about sense and age...
      November 2011
    • grungdoommetall
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      November 2011
    • Powrtoch
      Send me a DVD. darksidewall1@gmail.com
      November 2011
  • kellycampbell joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2011

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